James Grant


Sawdust in my Veins (SURCD 022)

Sawdust in my Veins

Debut solo album from the former leader of Love and money was produced by Donald Shaw and features Karen on backing vocals.  This album confirms his talent as a classic vocalist, profound songwriter and excellent guitarist.

"His solo debut finds his songwriting at it's zenith, his Scott Walker - deep voice matured to perfection, and his guitar playing as tasteful as ever.  Fans will love this record"  Mojo

"Lovers of craft will delight in this with it's elegant melodies and seductive chord changes.  The arrangements are excellent... Grant's splendid voice and guitar... marvelously gloomy and cool.   Morrissey meets Jim Webb"  Q Mag****Review

"'I Don't Know You Anymore' is the kind of song George Michael aspires to, sometimes unsucessfully"  Q Mag****Review


Pray The Dawn (SURCD 056) Single from the album with three otherwise unavailable tracks:

Pray The Dawn
Walk The last Mile
Call Me Slim