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The Ultimate Collection from Britains Leading Celtic Band

Release Date 19th October 1998

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From their Home land roots of Argyll in the Highlands of Scotland, Capercaillie have bee credited with the major force in bringing traditional Celtic music to the world stage and inspiring the great resurgence so evident today.

The Best of Capercaillie draws on material from their last six albums, including the first top 40 Gaelic single, 'Coisich a Ruin', the Youth remix of 'Miracle of Being', the theme song from Rob Roy, 'Ailein Duinn', a 1998 version of 'Inexile' featuring the African vocalist Sibeba, and a very rare live version of 'Breisleach', a track used much by television.  With 17 tracks and just under 80 minutes of music the record captures the full breadth of the band whose musical quest has always been to stretch the boundaries of Celtic and World music.

The musical prowess of Donald Shaw on accordion and keyboards, Manus Lunny on Bouzouki and Charlie MacKinnon on fiddle is matched only by the peerless voice of Karen Matheson.  "The finest Gaelic singer alive today".


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