SURCD 014 /SURMC 014

The Blood Is Strong

A Compilation of TV work , Release Date: 1995

This 25 track album contains music written especially for three television programmes:   The Blood is Strong, a series about the world-wide legacy of the Gaels.  A Prince Among Islands:  A documentary about Prince Charles' return to the Isle of Bernaray, Highlanders:  A programme celebrating the history and heritage of the Scottish Highlands narrated by Sean Connery in which he described Karen as having a voice 'Surely touched by the hand of God'.  This album showcases the atmospheric and evocative side of the bands music.

The Artists

Karen Matheson (Vocals)
Charlie McKerron (Fiddle)
John Saich (Bass, Guitar,)
Manus Lunny (Bouzouki, Guitar,)
Marc Duff (Whistles, Bodhran, Wind Synth)
Donald Shaw (Accordion, Keyboards, )

Track List

An Gille Ban (Trad Arr.)
Domhnall (Black Donald)
An t-Eilean Mu Thuath (John Macleod)
Fagail Bhernaraidh (Macleod/Shaw)
The Lorn Theme (Shaw/Duff)
Gun Teann Mi Ris Na Ruinn Tha Seo (MacLeod/Shaw)
Aignish (J A Morrison/Kennedy Fraser)
The Hebrides
Arrival Theme
Oh Mo Dhuthaich (Trad Arr)
Calum's Road
Callinish, Picts, Celts
Fear A Bhata (Trad Arr)
Alasdair Mhic Colla (Trad Arr)
Dean Cadalan Samhach (J MacRae)
Lordship of the Isles
Grandfather Mountain
Arrival Reprise
An Ataireachd Aard (D MacVicar/J MacDonald)
Colum Cille
'S Fhada Leam AnOidhche Gheamhraidh (M McFarlane)
Downtown Toronto
Maideanan NA h-Airidh (Trad Arr)

Tracks 1-3 taken from "Highlanders" 1995 Survival Records.
Tracks 4-6 taken from "A Prince Among Islands" 1992 Survival Records.
Tracks 7-25 taken from "The Blood is Strong" 1988 Grampian TV PLC.

All songs published by Survival Music

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