On 13th September, Survival Records releases Capercaillie's "Grace and Pride".

Celebrating Capercaillie's 20th aniversary, Survival Records release the double CD anthology "Grace and Pride" on the 13th September. The 38 tracks follow the band from last year's "Choice Language" back to their 1984 debut release "Cascade". This collection contains tracks from all of their 15 albums and follows the creative evolution of one of Scotland's and roots music's most enduring and successful bands. It includes previously unreleased, ultra rare and long deleted tracks as well as a 20 page colour booklet. "Grace and Pride" celebrates Capercaillie's greatest achievement: moulding their Gaelic heritage into a fresh, new sound that reaches ears and hearts worldwide.

Website: www.capercaillie.co.uk

On 22nd September, Survival Records releases the debut album by Skilda.

Survival Records has worked with Capercaillie over the last twelve years, taking them from playing small folk clubs to becoming one of the world's most influential bands. We have been looking for a band that have the same potential to become a world-wide phenomena, and in Skilda we believe we have found them. Their innovative approach to Celtic music incorporates many contemporary sounds, whilst at the same time honouring the rich musical traditions they have been performing in since they were children. Drawing together musicians from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, theirs is a truly unique fusion of the modern and the traditional. To listen to this exciting new sound, check out the sound samples.

Website: www.skilda.com

Silverheel release their first album "Dry Hotel" for Survival Records on August 25th

  • Silverheel released their debut album on the cult label Focus, Acid Jazz's rock imprint, in the late 90s
  • This received much support from the critics and was singled out for a special feature in Mojo among others

    The new album, Dry Hotel, is perfectly in tune with the New Melodic Movement - strong songs, beautifully , arranged, with some killer guitar, combine to produce a sound that takes in influences as diverse as The Flaming Lips, Badly Drawn Boy, west coast rock with the close harmonies of CSN&Y, but filtered through the quintessential Englishness of bands like The Kinks and Prefab Sprout.
  • Look for reviews in all the broadsheets and rock and alternative press - Q, Mojo, Uncut, Bang, Classic Rock etc.
Website: www.silverheel.com

Skilda - 13 Dreams (Survival Records SURCD 029)

Slightly unsettling the opening track. It sounds like an out-take of a

soundtrack from the film Highlander with it's wailing sirens, overhead 

helicopter, distant pipes and Celtic chant before you hear the sound of a 

rifle being loaded. My other half commented, "What on Earth was that racket?" 

But I suppose it at least elicited a response that is more than can be 

expected from a lot of the records I receive these days. It's not often but as 

I didn't have time to play it at home I whacked my copy of the album in the 

car stereo on the way to a gig. Again, possibly a mistake as the second track 

is set up spookily Capercaille-ish with gently picked chords and keyboard 

washes whilst Naia Wolf's vocals are bound to be compared to those of Karen 

Matheson. The one thing you're not expecting is the heavily distorted guitar 

that comes crashing in. It's really quite dramatic and will definitely set 

this band apart from its counterparts. On 'Freedom Future' think Wolfstone in 

sheep's clothing and we're getting somewhere near the mark. By God, there's 

even a little Pink Floyd type kids chanting thrown in for good measure. In 

addition to the funky grooves of the slapped bass, the use of organic sounds 

(peat beating) on 'Airfailarin' or the band walking through high dry reeds is 

an inspired bit of creativity although verging a bit too closely perhaps to 

the sounds utilised by Martyn Bennett or Paul Mounsey. If you're following my 

drift here there is a cohesion (of sorts) and although it took me repeated 

listening to settle in with the band's way of thinking I came out the other 

end totally refreshed. If they can hang it together I'd say the band's record 

company are indeed onto a winner. Nice one!

Pete Fyfe