Capercaillie - Grace and Pride Capercaillie
Grace and Pride
the anthology 2004 - 1984


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Britain’s leading Celtic band, Survival Records release on the 13th September, the double CD anthology “Grace and Pride”. The album has 38 tracks taken from each of the band’s 15 albums, including previously unreleased, ultra rare and long deleted tracks.

On “Grace and Pride” the track listing follows the band back in time from last year’s “Choice Language” to their debut release in 1984 “Cascade”, taking in every album they have released along the way. This is a fascinating journey through the creative evolution of one of Scotland’s and roots music’s most enduring and successful bands.

It is a mighty long way from Oban High School to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Baghdad, but Capercaillie have made this journey and stopped off at many other exotic locations along the way. However, their greatest achievement has been to mould a central strand of their Gaelic heritage into a fresh, new sound, capable of reaching out to the ears and hearts of people all over the world.“Grace and Pride” is a celebration of this.

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Silverheel Silverheel

'Dry Hotel' marks the rebirth of Silverheel, the band who first caught the critics' attention when their album '9000 Sunsets/Seven Days' was released in the mid-90s by Acid Jazz label Focus. (Band founder Tim Cronin tells the band's fascinating story through the intervening years on the attached biography.)

During the handful of years since that initial success, Tim never stopped writing songs for Silverheel and, with the enthusiastic support of Survival Records (a label renowned for it's work in building up the career of Celtic superstars Capercaillie), is now back with a long-awaited, brand new album.

The new album from Silverheel is crammed with melodic and harmonic pop songs. Their sound draws from influences as diverse as the Flaming Lips, Badly Drawn Boy, the harmonic vocal West Coast rock of CSN&Y but with a quintessential Englishness of the kind that inhabits the music of the Kinks and Kevin Ayers. If you are a fan of classic English rock, then check out the sound samples, and enjoy the world of Silverheel.

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Skilda Skilda

Skilda are a brand new Celtic band, who are releasing their debut album "13 Dreams" on 22nd September 2003.

The band was put together by Breton piper Konan Erwan, drawing together musicians from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. Konan sought out adventurous and innovative players who are also steeped in the traditions of Celtic Music. His most exciting find however is the Irish singer Naia, whose spellbinding voice on both traditional and modern material dominates this album. On the strength of her performance here, she will be recognised as a major new vocal talent.

Survival Records have worked with Capercaillie for the past twelve years, taking them playing small folk clubs to becoming one of the world's most influential Celtic bands, selling over one million albums along the way. Since our contract with them came to an end we have been looking for a band that have the same potential to become a world-wide phenomena, and in Skilda we believe we have found them.

Their innovative approach to their music incorporates many contemporary sounds, from pulsing synths and crunching rock guitars to soaring solos which draw on the best of progressive rock, whilst at the same time honouring the rich musical traditions they have been performing in since they were children. Theirs is a truly unique fusion of the modern and the traditional.


Welcome to the New Century
Hi ri Him Bo
Freedom, Future
The Flower of Finae (part 2)
Trip Bopp Reel
A Cry…
And It's Gone
Lewis (Cosmic Reel)
The Flower of Finae (part 1)
The Wicker Man

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Capercaillie Live in Concert

After a career lasting 18 years and 12 studio albums, the electrifying sound of Capercaillie in full flight, live on stage, is finally captured in this collection. Recorded at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on 25th January 2002, in front of a 2,500 sell-out audience, this album has a total playing time of approximately 72 minutes. Capercaillie Live In Concert, contains several previously unreleased titles and brand new arrangements of some of their best known songs, with tracks from all of their albums from 1989 onwards. However, this is no backward looking "greatest hits live" recording, The band continues to innovate and there is a definite new feel, a new energy and vitality to this recording which reflects a subtle shift in the band's overall sound. This album is the perfect showcase for the band in their natural environment.


The Future Sound of Gaeldom
Something exciting is happening in Scottish Music - a new breed of young musicians, steeped in the musical roots of their land, are pioneering an innovative new fusion of traditional songs and instrumentals and contemporary sounds and beats to create a brand new form. This is the future sound of Gaeldom!