Tik and Tok

In the summer of 1982 Survival Records put an ad in Melody Maker, looking for vocalists for a band we were working with. A girl whose name I cannot remember came along. She didn't pass the audition, but she did have a friend who was looking for a release of a record he had just made. Her friend was Peter Godwin, and the record he had produced was "Summer In The City" by Tik and Tok.

It must have been May or June when we first heard the tape and all the other companies they had approached felt that it was too late to start working such an obvious summer record. The guys really didn't want to wait another year, and we loved the track, and said we could rush release it, and we had it out within a couple of weeks, including the picture disc!

I remember first meeting Tim and Sean at Jane Kahn's house in Knightsbridge, where Sean served us cocktails in the garden. It was a mad rush to get everything done, but Tim had already designed an excellent sleeve and there was a brilliant innovative 12" mix which we serviced on white label to the fast growing electro dance clubs, where it was an immediate hit. I remember that they also had the classic "robots" photo, which we used for the picture disc, and I knew we had really made it when "Record Mirror" printed the photo, on the full page of the back cover.

Then we organised a series of of PAs in the windows of Virgin and HMV stores all over the country - bringing traffic to a standstill with the crowds they attracted, and having to placate the police when they were called out!

Radio was always a bit snooty, and we never got much radio play, but the record kept on selling, and we stayed a number of weeks moving up and down the charts between 50 and 75. In fact, based on today's sales, we would probably have had a top 20 record!

After this we released four more singles and the album "Intolerance". Tik and Tok toured with Gary Numan; they appeared in the Royal Variety show and we had meetings with EMI when Duran Duran tried to get them to sign the band, although this came to nothing. The "Summer In The City" release seemed the most exciting, when we were breaking new ground and anything was possible.